Temperature Controller


The STYRAX “Temperature Controllers” has been specially developed keeping process measurement requirements in Pharmaceutical industries. The Temperature Controller can measure Temperature Inbuilt integral Sensor, or analog input. The Temperature Controller has status LEDs for process violation indication, the process data transfers to any master device on MODBUS RTU RS-485 communication. It also communication diagnosis LED for SCADA communication. The controller has inbuilt buzzer for audible process violation. It has keypad to program and calibrate the instrument by user. It has Stainless steel Modular Face plate, which is designed as a mounting accessory for monitor suited for Brick and Modular wall for Clean Room applications where you need flush mounting mechanism.


  • Advanced Microcontroller based process measurement.
  • Programmable channel ranges and unit selections.
  • Programmable resolution.
  • 4 Digit, 0.8” bright 7- Segment LED display for displaying Temperature.
  • User selectable set limits for process value violation.
  • Process parameter status indication with 5mm LED.
  • No. of PFC outputs - 2.
  • Configurable set point for PFC outputs.
  • Configurable hysteresis for how and low PFC set points.
  • Inbuilt buzzer to audible process value violation.
  • Password protection for calibration and programming mode.
  • Software Calibration using front panel keypad.
  • MODBUS RTU multi drop RS-485 serial communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.
  • Diagnosis indication of Communication with SCADA.
  • User programmable offset correction.
  • Brick and modular wall mounting.
  • Stainless steel or FLP enclosure.


Input Type: Inbuilt Integral Sensors/4-20mA/0 to 10VDC/RTD.
Measuring Ranges: Inbuilt Sensor: 0°C to 50°C.
Analog Input: -199.9°C to 999.9°C.
Accuracy: Inbuilt sensor: ±0.3° C.
Analog Input: ±0.1%
Resolution: Temperature:0.1°C.
Power supply: 24VDC/24VAC/230VAC.
Model No
Input Type
No. of PFC Outputs
TC101 Inbuilt 2 Yes NFLP
TC101I 4-20mA 2 Yes NFLP
TC101V 0 - 10 VDC 2 Yes NFLP
TC101IF 4-20mA 2 Yes FLP
TC101VF 0 - 10VDC 2 Yes FLP

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