Temperature Transmitters:

Description :

RTD sensor are temperature sensors that has a resistor inside that changes resistance value as its surrounding temperature changes. RTDs are being used for many years to measure temperature in industrial processes, labs and have developed a reputation for stability, repeatability and accuracy.

Styrax manufactures Temperature transmitter provides high accuracy, stability and repeatability for temperature measurements. These temperature transmitters converts low level signal from RTD sensor or field sensor into proportional 4-20mA for monitor and control instrumentation

Model No Measuring Range Accuracy Output Dia Insert Type Length
RTD105T PT100 (-200°C to 850°C) 0.1% 4 - 20mA 6mm Head/Pencil 150mm or User defined


Styrax Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., has been one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Process Measure and Control Systems, Clean room Interlocking Systems, Automation Solutions and hi-tech security and access control systems.

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