Reactor Automation

If you have an application that employs batch reactors and you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your operation, seeing what process automation you have (and don't have) in place is a good way to start. When automation technologies are integrated into your system, they not only improve process control but they can also be an effective way to increase productivity, minimize costs and make your facility operate more ergonomically.

There are many different aspects of a reactor that can be measured and regulated via control systems; the ones you select to have automated should be based on your application-specific requirements. Items that can be controlled/monitored through a control system include:

  • On/Off functionality of valves
  • Reactor temperature control
  • Measuring and recording process variables
  • Agitator on/off and speed control
  • Pressure/Vacuum control
  • Recipe function
  • Record variables to form a batch record

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