Door Interlocking System


Our Door interlock controller achieve this by preventing simultaneous access of door /Room by ensuring that when one door for a room is open then other door is closed. Push buttons are available for door access. Emergency stations are available for opening for all doors.

Delay between each door openings to maintain required pressure.Door status can read by any master system connected over RS485 network. This door interlocking system shall interface with Fire Alarm System.

  • Door Interlocking System


  • Door interlocking systems supports maximum of 16doors
  • Microcontroller based Door Interlocking System
  • User can configure Normally Closed mode or Normally Open mode
  • Configurable door closure time interval for 4 to 16 door interlocking systems
  • Pre-defined door closure time interval for 2 and 3 door interlocking systems
  • MODBUS RTU multi drop RS-485 serial communication for PLC, SCADA, etc.
  • Configurable door delay timer from Door Interlocking BMS System
  • Relay status Indications
  • “GO”,“WAIT” Door Status Indications along with Timer
  • It supports Emergency Stations with buzzer
  • It supports Privacy Stations with buzzer and “GO”, “WAIT” status indications
  • Door interlocking system can integrate with Fire Alarm System
  • Audible buzzer indication for every pushbutton as per requirement
  • Supports normal “GO”,“WAIT” Membrane Keypad pushbutton, No-Touch(IR) pushbutton & Capacitive Touch Pushbuttons.

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