Surgeon Control Panel (SCP1056):

Description :

The “STYRAX” Surgeon Control Panels (SCP), sometimes called Theatre Control Panels (TCP) or Operating Room Control Panels, are the central focus for infrastructure controls as well as alarms and information required in an Operating Room. This focus has two main benefits it allows the users to only have one familiar source of information and lets the facilities staff easily inspect and maintain several different subsystems, without disrupting the wall infection integrity.

Features :

  • STOPWATCH Timer.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • Temperature, RH and Differential Pressure display unit with in-built.
  • Integral sensor.
  • Differential Pressure display unit with integral in-built sensor.
  • Medical Gas Alarm system.
  • Hands Free Telephone.
  • OT control Switches.
  • Wall or Modular mounting.
  • SS-304 faceplate and MS powder coating backside box.

Features :

  1. Stop Watch Timer cum Real Time Clock
    1. Display Stop watch time with HH:MM:ss format
    2. 1x3 soft touch keypad to Start, Stop and Reset stopwatch timer
    3. Red Color 0.8” 7-Segment display to display Hours and Minutes
    4. Red Color 0.5” 7-Segment display to display Seconds
  2. Real Time Clock
    1. Display Real Time Clock in HH:MM:ss format
    2. Green Color 0.8” 7-Segment display to display Hours and Minutes
    3. Green Color 0.5” 7-Segment display to display Seconds
  3. Hands Free Telephone
    1. Analog Telephone
    2. IP based Telephone
  4. Medical Gas Alarm System

    Gas Alarm System monitors 5 types of Gas levels with Low and Normal alarm indication with buzzer. This Gas Alarm System continuously monitors Oxygen, Vacuum, Air, Nitrous Oxide and CO2.

  5. Clean Room Process Monitor:
    1. Display Temperature, RH and DP with in-built sensor
    2. Red Color 3 Channel 0.38” 4 digit 7-Segment display
    3. Differential Pressure measure the pressure difference between Inside the Room and Outside Atmosphere or Inside LAF and Room Inside.
    4. Measuring Range:
      %RH 0.0 – 100.0 %RH
      Temp 0.0 – 50.0 °C
      Differential Pressure -105.4 – 105.4 mmWC,
      -1034 – 1034 Pa
    5. Accuracy:
      %RH ±2% RH for 10-90%,
      ±4% RH for remaining
      Temp ±1°C for 0-40°C and
      ±2°C for remaining
      Differential Pressure ±1.5% for all units
  6. Differential Pressure Indicator
    Display ±2% RH for 10-90%,
    ±4% RH for remaining
    Accuracy ±1.5% of reading ±3 Pa
    ±1.5% of reading ±3 mmH2O
    ±1.5% of reading ±3 mbar
    Response Time 0.3Sec
  7. OT control switches to control OT lamps and etc.


Styrax Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., has been one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Process Measure and Control Systems, Clean room Interlocking Systems, Automation Solutions and hi-tech security and access control systems.

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